Stroller Safety Tips to Protect Your Baby

Stroller Safety Tips to Protect Your Baby. A stroller is just as necessary as a crib if you ask me. Even if you’re a Gen Zer or a millennial like me who prefers the convenience of ordering stuff online and having it delivered to you, you can’t stay at home with your baby forever—and trust me, you won’t want to.

Here are our 6 Stroller Safety Tips to Protect Your Baby:

  1. Check on the brakes

Brakes come in handy when you want the unit to stay at one spot or want to take your hands off of it. To prevent accidents from happening, ensure that the stroller has good brakes. To test them push the brake pedal or lever down and then try moving the stroller. If the wheels turn, stay away from the stroller as it can cause injury to your child.

2. Keep the baby backled in

If you have toddlers you know that they love moving around a lot. To protect them always have the belt in place. Experts recommend that you keep the belt in place even when the baby is sleeping. This is to prevent the baby from slipping under the stroller’s nap bar.

3. Watch what you hang on the stroller

It’s common for parents to hand diaper bags, purses or even shopping bags over the back of the stroller handle. High quality strollers don’t have problems with you doing this as they have a strong foundation. The problem comes in when you hang the bags or other items on low quality strollers. The strollers tend to tip over thus injuring your child.

4. Regularly repair the unit

If you travel often, your stroller will get damaged. While a little damage such as breaking of one airline might seem minor, it can injure you or the baby. To protect yourself and the baby, regularly take the unit to a professional for inspection and fixing.

5. Keep it in place with your car seat

Almost all strollers are designed to be used as travel systems where you can place them in the car seat and comfortably carry your child around. Many accidents have been reported where the stroller drops from the car seat. For the safety of your child ensure that the car seat and the stroller and compatible. The adapter should hold the car seat securely to the stroller.

6. Parting shot

These are tips on how to keep your child comfortable and secure. For your stroller to last for long buy it from a high quality store.

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Stroller Safety Tips to Protect Your Baby

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