FortuneCatcher Piyao Wealth Lucky Bracelet

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Bracelet includes Pi Yao, Mantra Charms, Agate Stones, and Citrine Stones to bring you good luck!

Now Available at “50% Discount” for a Limited Time Only.

Pi Yao is a Chinese mythical creature that grants Fortune, Health, Protection, and Prosperity. It has a Large Mouth that grabs money to keep it safe for it’s owner and bring abundance in all areas of their life.

It’s believed that Pi Yao will grant its owner’s wishes, attract them with a never-ending flow of money, protect their Home, and protect them from injuries or obstacles in their life!

For thousands of years since the ancient times, people have worn Pi Yao as an amulet to manifest good luck, protection, and wealth in their life!


  1. Conducts Good Luck and Fortune
  2. Generates Good Feng Shui
  3. Enhances Wealth and Riches
  4. Protects Individuals from Misfortunes or Accidents
  5. Protects against Evil Energy or Obstacles
  6. Brings Unexpected Luck


This powerful Bracelet also includes Agate and Citrine Charms! Agate is a Powerful Stone that brings Protection, Balance, and Harmony.
Citrine is a Happy Crystal that brings positive energy from the Sun.
Not sold in stores – LukePH Exclusive!
  • 100% Brand New and High-quality
  • FortuneCatcher™ Lucky Bracelet for attracting Wealth, Protection, & Fortune
  • Bracelet includes Pi Yao, Mantra Charms, Agate Stones, and Citrine Stones
  • Environmentally friendly material, Lead-Free & Nickle-Free
  • Premium and High Quality Bracelet with Powerful Stones!
  • Cash on Delivery in the Philippines!


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